Tips for SRE teachers

The Explore curriculum started being developed in the early 1990s after churches started coming together in Western Sydney to teach Combined Christian SRE. It has been expanded, revised and reviewed many times.

There are 78 lessons in this curriculum. Core units are provided for years 7 to 10 after which there are various supplementary units for teachers to tailor lessons to their students’ needs and interests. Another strength of this curriculum is that it does not assume any prior Biblical knowledge or literacy.

SRE teachers who want to use this curriculum will need to have permission from their Approved Provider to use Explore, and then apply for access to the curriculum by emailing the following information to :

1.  Your name

2.  The email address you want to use to access the curriculum (preferably a Gmail address)

3.  Which school/s you teach at and will be using the curriculum at

4.  The name of your Approved Provider

Before using this curriculum, SRE teachers need to:

As you use this curriculum, SRE teachers are advised to:

Our prayer is that this curriculum, and the lessons within it, will greatly assist as you help young people grow in Christian faith. It is important to remember that in addition to the lesson material, the students will learn much about Christianity from the way you interact with them and care for them – you are a living letter (2 Corinthians 3 v 2) and Christ’s ambassador (2 Corinthians 5 v 20).

With prayer from the Explore SRE team.

Feedback from a Christian SRE teacher who leads a team of volunteer teachers in the northern part of Sydney:

"My team at *********** and *********** high schools have been incredibly encouraged with the level of engagement we've seen in our students since switching over to Explore this year. We've had a term and a half to assess students' response, engagement levels, understanding of the content and classroom delivery as well. Just want to say well done. The content has been a Godsend for our student demographic. We are seeing great breakthroughs in engagement, interests, curiosity and questions. Thank you for sowing into this generation. What you and your team have put together has brought greater effectiveness to our ministry." May 2024